July 23, 2016

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Heather Stram is a Freelance/Creative Writer that is always looking to expand her mind and lives from her life lessons.

The Mental and Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprived

In order to fully understand what sleep deprivation really means I have included the definition found on Wikipedia. I hope you get something out of this article to help you today and the rest of your life. “Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and … [Read more...]

The Mental and Physical Effects of Stress

Stress Disorder

The mental and physical harms of stress can sometimes be subtle until it grows to be a big problem. When one person is stressed, it can cause everyone around them to feel stressed as well. Prolonged stress can break down a person’s mentality as well as their emotional health. (There is scientific evidence to back this statement up.) Suffering stress on a daily basis can affect your home and … [Read more...]

Holding in Your Spirit can Ruin Your Life

Healing Hands

What is a Spirit? The Spirit is a broad word. Your inner self is your spirit and holding in your spirit can turn you into someone you never wanted to be. Keeping yourself in is the same as lying about who you are. Lying is never a good thing. People are constantly thinking of many different things through-out the day, but are too scared to share their thoughts. They are scared to be mocked by … [Read more...]

Spiritual Awakening – The art of waking up

Spiritual Awakening

    Have you ever spent time with someone that just did not ever seem to smile? How did you feel around them? What if I told you that you had the same effect on others as they have on you? If someone starts with a bad day, it doesn’t mean to tip toe around them, it means someone needs to help them smile. It is time for you to help yourself smile. It has a ripple effect. People seem to be … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Weak, Use Your Voice – Occupy Wall Street

We are the 99 percent

    Our economic state is devastating to all walks of life. It has affected “the single mother”, “the well off couple down the street”, all the way up to our police officers that keep us safe on the streets of our cities and home towns. Everyone is feeling the cold hand of the corporate world. It feels so icy and not very compassionate. Why? Because it is. They do not care about … [Read more...]

Do Not Let Your Insecurities hold you back – Video

The X Factor

    When you step out into the world you are well aware what you look like to those around you. Some of us are paranoid about our hair, or our makeup, even the clothes that we did not get to change before we walked out of our door. Maybe we have a deformity or maybe even are handicapped. Some people let these type of things stop them from doing everyday things in public. What if … [Read more...]

What are you going to choose?

Love OR Fear

    Do you remember in the “good old days” when you waited for the Tooth Fairy, wrote Santa a letter, or the way your older siblings or cousins teased you about the Boogy Man? Your parents would say, “Go to bed or Santa will not come.” Or the siblings or cousins would say, “The Boogy Man will get you!” This was nothing more than scare tactics to get something out of you. Normally … [Read more...]

Don’t let the pain eat you alive, forgive

Forgiveness Butterfly

    “No problem can be solved at the level of thinking that created it.” – Albert Einstein When people think of forgiveness, people think that forgiveness is someone with a weak will. People usually think that people that forgive are the “push over’s” or “whimps”. They think that if you do not forgive that you are just inviting more pain into your heart. But forgiveness is … [Read more...]

The Anxiety of Obtaining Court Protection


    During my relationship with the last man that I was with, things were violent and disturbing. I had turned into his little puppet due to the fear of being hurt again. I ended up working from day till night to make sure that I had money coming in so that he would be happy. Along with taking care of the house, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and doing everything else that … [Read more...]

Escaping an Abusive Situation and the Anxiety Involved

Abusive Situation

When a woman is in an abusive relationship it can cause different emotional situations that may or may not hold on to them. Normally though the prolonged effects can be very disturbing. It tends to be traumatic enough to stick with the woman in other relationships. When the woman is finally ready to help herself out of the situation, it is very scary. I have went through this same situation. I … [Read more...]